Thursday, February 5, 2009

Time waits for no man...

Dear Everyone,

Time waits for no man—no not one. We almost did not know that Christmas came and went, our minds have been so occupied upon the momentous task at hand. I can scarcely take any of this in. And the scenery is ever presently still breath taking. I watch and ponder—what did I ever do or say to be so blessed to be in British Columbia; such a choice dedicated land unto the Lord? How did we get such missionaries; I want to call them my own children? How did we get to mingle with such good living Saints that sacrifice daily to build the Kingdom of God?

As usual we are grateful to be alive and kicking. I do have some health concerns but we are working with the Doctors to correct the problems. Living in these latter-days is not for the timid of heart/we maybe once in a while! Last Tuesday through Wednesday we held a Zone Leader Council for about 20 of our best missionaries. We prepared several meals for them and six of them slept over at the mission home. We had a full house. The first afternoon I visited with missionaries for about two to three hours about the scriptures especially Mosiah 15:1-9. What a delight! On Wednesday we held workshops and meetings all day. We also invited two sisters to participate. Our focus of true motivation—the Pure Love of Christ. Afterwards one Elder commented that this was the best day of his entire mission. Another Elder stated that this was what he had always expected his mission to be like. President stated “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

We have attended two Chinese Ward’s Chinese New Year’s Parties. The Mandarin Chinese are the fastest growing units of the Church and the Mandarin missionaries are truly unbelievable. We are becoming more familiar with the Korean and Spanish communities here as well.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we have been involved in Zone Conferences. The theme is “If the trumpet sound is not clear how can we prepare for battle?” (1Cor 14:8). Tomorrow (Vancouver Island) and Tuesday (Prince George) we finish our zone Conferences for this transfer period. I never thought I could be so busy; every minute of every day is carefully scheduled.

We have a General Authority (Elder John Dickson) touring our mission in the middle of March. We have begun our preparation for this event.

We love and pray for each of you,

Sister Nelson, Mom, Grandma, Nana, Jannilyn