Tuesday, April 14, 2009


April 13, 2009

Dear Everyone,

Today is Easter. It has been raining the past two days. Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out. The last few days I have been studying in Matthew about the Savior’s atoning sacrifice. Each time I read the account it seems more profound. We all search for that “joy which is unspeakable and full of glory” to feel Christ’s love. That we all could cast our burdens at His feet is my simple desire so that there might not be more sorrow upon the face of the whole earth. (Hel 5:44; Alma 29:2)

Three and half weeks ago Elder and Sister John Dickson from the First Quorum of Seventy toured our mission for three days. We brought 18 missionaries over from the Island so altogether we had about 90 missionaries for his first zone conference held in Richmond. The next day we flew to Kelowna in the Okanagan for a zone conference with 18 missionaries. The third day we flew up to Prince George. However the airport was fogged in so we returned to Vancouver. We had 14 very disappointed Elders. After returning to the mission office Elder Dickson talked to each Elder in the Prince George Zone on the phone. Elder Dickson encouraged our “obedient” missionaries to go to the next level and prove the Lord. Elder and Sister Dickson were kind and warm. They gave us some beneficial suggestions. He met with four of our stake presidents to strongly encourage member/missionary work. It has been a huge boost we have needed.

Two weeks ago we spent a weekend up North at the Terrace District Conference. I really love these few steadfast Saints who live in remote B.C. One piece of luggage arrived a day late—we picked it up at the airport on our way out. We drove from Terrace to Prince Rupert Sunday evening. At midnight President, four Elders and I caught a ferry to the Queen Charlotte Islands (7 hours one way). This Island has perhaps 2,000 people and 35 are LDS. Monday we visited with four or five of these members to assess what if anything we could do for the Haida Quai First Nations people. What totem poles we saw. Tuesday morning we returned (7 hour ferry ride) to Prince Rupert.

Monday evening President, two Elders and I took a nineteen hour ferry ride down the Inside Passage. We arrived at 3:00 PM the next day at Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. I was horribly sea sick 30 out of the 33 hours of the ferry ride. No more adventuring on sea ever again! Even now when I close my eyes I still get dizzy.

In Richmond this week I saw Bald Eagles at the dump, a fury brown rabbit in a bush, and a raccoon walking on our back fence.

We think and pray for each of you daily. Our hearts go out to each of you in your struggles. We are all meekly drenched in destiny. (Neal A. Maxwell)

Transfers are this week. We will talk again. Conference was good, I stayed awake.

Love you forever and ever and ever, Mom, Jannilyn, Nana, Granma, and Sis. Nelson

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