Thursday, April 2, 2009

Work to do...

Hello Everyone,

Dear Family,

We are on the Ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver. We just attended the Nanaimo Stake Conference. It was a very pleasant and rewarding experience. President took about 30 minutes in the Priesthood Leadership meeting and then Sister Nelson took about 10 minutes in the Sunday morning session and President took about 15 minutes. We believe we are getting better and learning what to say and how best to present it.

We have a general authority, John B Dickson of the first Quorum of the Seventy, touring the mission this week beginning Wednesday and ending on Friday. He will be presiding at a Stake Conference next weekend at the Victoria Stake Conference. All of the missionaries are very excited and we are looking forward to getting it over with. It will give us an opportunity to learn a lot. From what we hear Elder Dickson is very good and helpful. We are sure he will have a lot of suggestions.

For those of you that might be interested, our theme for this transfer or zone conferences is “Fixed With a Determination to Conquer” from a scripture in the Book of Mormon (Alma 58:12). It is all about not trying but really completing the task. It is not doing our best but just getting it done. It is about resourcefulness. It should be very helpful to our missionaries as well as us. If anyone has some thoughts or scriptures about this please email them in.

The highlight of our mission this last couple of weeks has been the growth of the Richmond Chinese dependant branch. In the last 75 days there has been about 15 people join the Church. There has been a kidney surgeon and a wealthy business man (owns six restaurants in China plus several other businesses). The cool thing about these people is that they were all adamant in their belief of being either atheist or agnostic. As our missionaries were able to explain the origin of the Book of Mormon and explain the nature of God, it was amazing to see these very smart, highly educated people recognize the value of the Gospel and build their faith and become so happy. It has really been a testimony builder to us. Many of these people were heavy smokers, drank coffee and wine but simply gave it up and have never gone back to it. If people will give this Gospel a chance and sincerely seek to find the correct answer (not answers to justify their own philosophies of men) but truly seek to know the truth they have been rewarded with a joy and happiness beyond what they thought possible. We are really enjoying our mission and it just keeps getting better.

Well the ferry is pulling into the dock so we need to say goodby for now. Hope all is well with each you. Have a good day.

Love, President and Sister Nelson.

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  1. Sometimes just getting something done IS the best you can do.